25 August 2014

AP Lit

In class we covered AP Prompt Plan Sheets and posted our creative responses to the question “Why Do I Read Literature”


We discussed Intellectualism and defined it.

22 August 2014

AP Lit

For Monday- Create a response to the question “Why do you read literature?” Teh rules are that it can’t be larger than a piece of paper and it can be hung on the wall by a single staple.


Revisit reading, activity 5

15 August 2014

Question Mark Logo

AP Lit:

In Class: Handout and explore Syllabus and readings about questions¬†and watch John Greene’s video about literature. We also worked on these poems

At Home: Be sure to work on your exploration of “Why we read literature?”, prepare for next week’s work on the summer reading. Also, don’t forget the online questionnaire from Thursday’s post



In Class: In Class, we discussed “What’s Next?” and wrote in class about future plans

At Home:Enjoy your weekend